What we do?

Taco De Casa, is a tex mex restaurant made with the tastiest of ingredients. We have a full menu including appetizers and main dishes. It is packed full of flavor to really tantalize your taste buds. Whether you are looking for a tasty treat or a light bite, taco De Casa is the place to be.


  • Corporate Catering

    Is the most challenging because of different backgrounds and cultures of people thats why our diverse menu can be the one needed to satisfy all tastes.

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  • Kids Birthdays

    We understand at Taco de casa that pleasing kids can be tricky therefore we created a kids menu that can please the most picky of them were our menu for kids consists of mini burgers, mini burritos and the solo taco that kids would love

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  • Home Catering

    Our food is the easy bite kind of food thats why it can be easily adaptable and able to have high standard of quality and taste

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  • Events Catering

    Fun part , everyone wants good food after a good and enjoyable day and our menu is considered to be the perfect party food to be shared among your loved ones and friends.

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